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We are the organizers of the XXI FAI EUROPEANS HOT AIR BALLOON CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 and 6th at the Dubai World Air Games 2015

Everybody can help to build the balloon. When the balloon is half fill the flames of the burners break the silence of the morning and the sail starts to rise. Your moment has come!

Everybody into the basket…Once, when everyone is inside we will take off. After these exciting moments it come the calm.

Meter after meter we rise softly and we start to contemplate the landscape. Soon you will see Cabrera and when we reach 300 or 500 meters, we probably can see Menorca.

The silence and the feeling of freedom are unique. Villages, country houses and hills are underneath your feeds.

The experience will be amazing , either taking off from our by civil aviation authorized Balloon Launch site, or from one of our other take-off places.

Our Pilots are at the highest level, having been Champions of Spain and currently 3rd at the national ranking, but the best this, is their aptitude. You will enjoy from the beginning that they involve you on the excursion with such illusion, that you will have the feeling, that this is their first balloon flight.

Enjoy our modern fleet of 8 Balloons, where there are small Balloons for couples , as well as larger balloons for incentive groups and Companies.

Our thanks to all the companies and instituttions that trusted Mallorca Balloons to be able to carry out the XXI FAI EUROPEANS HOT AIR BALLOON CHAMPIONSCHIP, which was held in October 2019 on the island of Mallorca.

Mallorca Balloons is authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Islands as an active tourism company (TA16) and a tourist mediator (MT142)
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